Tupac time lapse 10 years on 2Pac Thug Life

This is my first actual proper blog post. I have zero technical skills so please forgive its simplicity. My husband has been Blogging for me up to this point, so I thought I would make my first one a little bit sentimental.

So , its 20 years since Tupac was tragically killed, and its 10 years since I started my very first website and attempt to sell art.

I started selling my paintings on ebay. When they sold I was inundated for requests for Tupac art. So many in fact that my very first website was Tupac-original-art.com. I painted many different Tupac poses from different album covers and this one was the most requested.

I must of painted this image of Tupac 20-30 times over the years.

So as its now 10 years later I decided to launch my Blogging career with old faithful. I decided on a timelapse of  the photo I started with all those years ago, just to see I have also added a photo of my old Tupac paintings at the bottom of the page so we can compare and see if 10 years of practice has made any difference at all.

When I first started out I only had enough money to buy black and white paint. Then I sold a painting and brought a pot of Blue, what i like to call my blue phase.

Most of my Tupac paintings were black white and blue for a long time. This drawing is a homage to my original pallet using only black white and indigo. I hope you enjoy it.

This will be available shortly on Ebay with a 99p starting price.  Ebay Tupac

Tupac painting I completed in 2006 , less detail in this one. Bit rushed looking and sloppy.

This Tupac painting Was completed in 2006 , a lot less detail in this one. Bit rushed looking and sloppy.

Tupac painting 2012

Tupac painting 2012, Happier with this but still no attention to detail, very dark pallet too.

The finished picture from this time lapse video

The finished picture from this time lapse video 2016, Thug LIfe.