Corporal Danny ‘Dogsh*t’ Nield

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Corporal Danny ‘Dogsh*t’ Nield

Guns for show, Jets for a pro!

Danny’ Nield from 1st Battalion, The Rifles, was killed in Afghanistan on Friday 30 January 2009.

I could tell you about this outstanding soldiers achievements such as tours of Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Kosovo, 2 tours of Afghanistan, and how he wanted to be a soldier from the age of 4 and passed the demanding forward air controllers course and how he saved countless lives every day as part of his demanding and dangerous job.

I shall instead tell you about a man who seemed to be loved by everyone that ever knew him, he would always have a smile for you and always laughing. He would often introduce himself as ‘Dogshit’ no matter who it was he was introducing himself to and for that reason alone I will not be censoring this post 🙂

You could always find him on a Sunday lunchtime playing darts with his dad and spending time with his brother and sisters. He worked hard and played hard and enjoyed his life to the fullest. He had a wonderful optimistic way about him and he made his mother so proud every day of his life.

Massive thanks to Forces support for paying for the canvas, paints and postage for this painting. Plus covering the cost of 3 prints and postage for Danny’s siblings. Without their help covering costs there would be no paintings for me to give to families.

Danny’s painting took me approx 120 hours to complete due to his face being in so much shadow on the photo and the most amount of equipment I have ever seen attached to one man!

I hope this painting makes his family and friends smile when they see it as that’s the effect he always had on people.

Sheila, from my heart to yours

“Once a Rifleman, always a Rifleman”

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