SAC Ryan Tomlin

Military Portraits

SAC Ryan Tomlin

Ryan was only 21 when he was killed whilst on patrol in Afghanistan. His mum has told me he was very artistic so I am really hoping I did him justice.
The whole process has been a tricky one as it was supposed to be a surprise for his mum ordered by a family member. After I started the painting I realised his mum needed to have an input into how it would look and I didn’t like the thought of her being surprised by it as it is supposed to be a deeply personal portrait for her to cherish. So I asked another mum I have become friends with, to contact her. I am so glad she did as she is a lovely lady, she is overjoyed at her painting and requested a sunset background , I will he also gifting 5 prints to his family. Ryan’s dad has picked out a spot for it on the wall already. I hope his beautiful face brings them all a little comfort when they need it X

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