Rifleman Martin Kinggett

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Rifleman Martin Kinggett

Rifleman Martin Kinggett, of A Company, 4th Battalion The Rifles
25 February 2010

My first tribute of 2016 is one that was requested last august but I have been so busy its taken too long to paint him. I added his mum to my friends list and everyday I see her posting how much she loves him to the moon and stars. I can only imagine her heartache.
Martin was only 19 when he died. let that sink in for a second. 19.
Martin was killed after making himself a target for Taliban gunmen so his comrades could evacuate a seriously wounded colleague.
Martin selflessly drew fire so members of his patrol could deal with the casualty.
I painted this portrait of Martin for his mum Lisa and prints will be going to his family as well.

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