Where it all began

20 years ago my father told me about a big art competition being run by the Daily mail newspaper called “not the turner prize”. As the title suggests the criteria was for figurative paintings. I had just one problem with this competition, it required a painting, something I had never tried before. So… I popped into local stationers and grabbed some paint and a canvas and set to work on my first ever painting. I was quite proud of the lion I painted and somehow out of 20,000 entries my Lion got into the last 50 paintings and was chosen to go to the Mall Gallery in London. Due to this success The Princes Trust contacted me about starting up my own business. They loaned me £1.500 to buy a computer and some basic supplies to start up my business. I like to call it my “blue period” as at the time I could only afford black, white and blue paint.

In 2004 I started painting full time for myself, it was an amazing feeling and I was selling my paintings all over the world to some very famous people and everything was going really well. I began selling my paintings to celebrity agents and 50 of my canvasses were auctioned off for charity. Things were really looking up, I won the princes trust celebrate success Enterprise award which recognizes people who have overcome barriers and achieved success. During this time members of my family became ill and I stopped painting to care for them.
After a break for nearly 10 years I realised I was at my happiest whilst painting so quit my full time job to follow my dream and have never looked back.

I will bring your photographs to life in an original composition using paint and pastel. I do not use digital manipulation. All of my paintings are hand painted and when you commission a painting from me I will send you images of your painting in various stages of completion.

I am an independent British Artist that looks beyond the confines of your photograph and considers every option available. By applying 20 years of experience, I patiently research your needs, deeply consider your situation, pursue a creative solution, and expertly make it real.

Every situation is a challenge. Every portrait is unique. Using your own photo, celebrity image or famous film scene I can paint or draw the perfect portrait for you at affordable prices I also offer many original paintings for sale which have been signed by famous people as well as paintings of iconic people.

I take the time to consider your space, needs and budget and craft an innovative Original portrait that is everything you want it to be. Do not worry if your favourite photograph is damaged or has faded over time, I can reproduce it for you on paper or canvas art and bring it up to date with amazing likeness.

I specialize in highly detailed, traditionally hand painted and drawn portraits in pastel, paint and Pencil. Commission your portrait from me and I will provide you with a picture you will not be able to take your eyes off.

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